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Think you don’t need insulation? Think again

Often we think insulation isn’t necessary for our homes, but it can help save money. Why not look out for the environment whilst keeping your home warm?

Loft Insulation

A quarter of heat can be lost through the roof in an uninsulated home. Insulating your loft or attic is an effective way to reduce heat loss and save on your heating bills. Whilst the upfront cost may make you question if the installation is worth it, it’s important to remember that loft insulation eventually pays for itself after 40 years because of the amount you save on bills. Our loft roll is a lightweight, non-combustible, unfaced glass mineral wool product. It easily comes apart so it can be fitted into specific areas so you can install it anywhere.

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Cavity Wall Insulation

Similarly to loft insulation, cavity wall insulation reduces heat loss and saves on bills. Although it isn’t as popular it still does a fantastic job at insulating your home. The cavity wall is cheaper than many other different kinds of insulation, it can be made from materials that are inexpensive. These materials can be recycled paper, treated glass fibres that are waterproof and vermiculites. Wall insulation also helps to prevent mould because it restricts moisture from passing through. This product can be difficult to install, so it’s important to hire a professional to evaluate before purchasing!

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PIR Insulation

PIR is short for ‘polyisocyanurate’ – this product is one of the most thermally efficient methods of insulation on the market. Composed of hydrocarbon chains, it is classified as ‘combustible’. PIR differentiates itself with the fact it is precisely engineered from first principles to achieve specific performance characteristics. This special insulation boasts the same characteristics as it’s cavity wall and loft counterparts – it helps keep bills down and heats your home more effectively. Importantly, this product is perfect for placement under floors as well as roofs and walls.

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Polystyrene insulation is a plastic that’s often used to make clear products like food packaging. It’s also used in deliveries for protection thanks to its density. These qualities make it fantastic for insulation, it can even be used under concrete slabs. Much like cavity wall insulation, they are both rot and mould proof – as long as you ensure they are kept away from direct sunlight and ground moisture. Polystyrene sheets are also very easy to install at home without professional help because are easy to cut and handle.

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