Author: kennings Sponsors Long-Term Trade Customer in the Humber Bridge Soapbox Derby: Racing for a Cause

As anticipation builds for the Humber Bridge Soapbox Derby, excitement and community spirit are at an all-time high. This year’s event is set to be particularly special, as proudly sponsors one of our long-term trade customers participating in the race. But this isn’t just any soapbox racer; they are racing to raise funds for two noble causes: the Armed Forces Para Snowsports Team and youth football clubs Goole Town Tigers U9 and Snaith Spartans U9. Let’s explore this inspiring story of community support, charity, and the thrill of the race.

The Humber Bridge Soapbox Derby: A Tradition of Fun and Competition

The Humber Bridge Soapbox Derby is a cherished local tradition, bringing together teams from across the region to compete in a downhill race with their homemade, gravity-powered soapboxes. The event showcases creativity, engineering prowess, and a strong sense of community. Every year, thousands gather to cheer on the participants, making it a highlight of the local calendar.

Arrivals: From 8am

Racing starts: 10am – Approx. Finish Time: 4pm

Kennings: Supporting Community and Charity

Kennings has always been more than just a business; we strive to be a part of the community. Our sponsorship of a long-term trade customer in the Humber Bridge Soapbox Derby showcases our commitment to supporting local initiatives and charitable causes. This act of sponsorship aligns perfectly with our values of community involvement and giving back.

Racing for the Armed Forces Para Snowsports Team

One of the primary beneficiaries of this sponsorship is the Armed Forces Para Snowsports Team, a local volunteer-run charity. This organization provides a pathway to competitive racing for ex-service personnel who have been wounded or injured while serving our country. By raising funds through the soapbox race, and their sponsored racer are helping to empower these brave individuals, offering them hope, rehabilitation, and new opportunities through the power of sports.

Supporting Local Youth Football Teams

In addition to the Armed Forces Para Snowsports Team, the race also aims to raise much-needed funds for two local youth football clubs: Goole Town Tigers U9 and Snaith Spartans U9. These clubs play a crucial role in the development of young athletes, providing them with essential skills, teamwork experiences, and the joy of the game. Funds raised will help ensure that these young footballers have access to the best possible facilities, equipment, and coaching.

Meet the Racer: A Long-Term Trade Customer

The soapbox racer sponsored by is a valued long-term trade customer, embodying the company’s dedication to strong, lasting relationships. As they take to the track, they carry not only the hopes of the community but also the ambitions of those they are racing to support. This partnership highlights the power of collaboration between local businesses and their customers in achieving positive change.

Preparing for the Race

Building the soapbox has been a true labour of love, involving meticulous planning, careful engineering, and a dash of creativity. The team at Kennings, alongside our trade customer & friends, have worked tirelessly to create a soapbox that’s both fast and visually stunning. Adorned with colours and logos representing both the Armed Forces Para Snowsports Team and the youth football clubs, the soapbox is ready to make a statement on race day.

Race Day Anticipation

As race day approaches, excitement is building. Spectators can look forward to a thrilling event filled with innovative soapbox designs, friendly competition, and heart-warming stories of community support. Kennings’ sponsored racer is poised to be a crowd favourite, with many eager to see how they perform and to support the causes they are championing.

Join the Fun and Support the Causes encourages everyone to come out and support the Humber Bridge Soapbox Derby. Whether you’re cheering from the sidelines or participating in the various activities, your presence will contribute to the success of this event. It’s a fantastic opportunity to witness the power of community spirit and to support worthy causes that make a real difference in people’s lives.

Kennings’ sponsorship of a long-term trade customer in the Humber Bridge Soapbox Derby is a testament to their dedication to community support and charitable giving. This partnership not only adds excitement to the race but also shines a light on important causes like the Armed Forces Para Snowsports Team and local youth football clubs. As we gear up for race day, let’s celebrate the spirit of generosity, teamwork, and community that defines this wonderful event.

Join us in cheering on our sponsored racer and contributing to these noble causes. Together, we can make a significant impact and enjoy an unforgettable day at the Humber Bridge Soapbox Derby!

Donations are available to PAYPAL (Friends + Family):

Eco-friendly Building Materials: Trends to Watch in 2024

The building industry is rapidly evolving, with an increasing emphasis on sustainability and minimal environmental impact. In 2024, expect to see a surge in the use of eco-friendly building materials on the global stage. Here’s a look at the key trends to watch in the coming year.

Recycled Metal

With the concern for deforestation growing, the construction industry has begun to look for alternatives to wood. Recycled metal has become a popular choice due to its strength and durability. It’s made from old cars and machines and is perfect for large buildings where a lot of metal is needed.


Bamboo is a highly sustainable building material due to its quick growth rate and exceptional strength. It’s found extensive use in tropical climates and is slowly gaining acceptance in the western world. Bamboo can be used for flooring, walls, and even structural frames.

Precast Concrete

Precast concrete panels are made in a factory and then shipped to the construction site. The process reduces waste and ensures a high level of quality control. Precast concrete is strong, durable, and provides excellent insulation.


Cork is not just for wine bottles. This renewable material is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree. It provides excellent insulation and is resistant to rot and fire. Cork is ideal for flooring and wall coverings.

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood and reject wood is reused wood that comes from old barns, factories, warehouses or off-cuts/slightly damaged pieces from projects or suppliers. It’s beautiful, durable, and has a history that new wood can’t match. Plus, using reclaimed wood helps preserve forests by reducing the demand for new wood.

The eco-friendly building materials trend is not just a fad. It is an essential part of the construction industry’s responsibility to the environment. By embracing these materials, we can create buildings that are sustainable, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. Keep an eye on these trends in 2024 as we continue to build for a better future.

Winter-proofing Your Guttering

As the mercury dips and winter takes hold, it’s time to turn our attention to an often overlooked aspect of home maintenance – winter-proofing our roof guttering. At, we appreciate the unique challenges posed by the cold season, and we’re here to guide you through the essential steps to ensure your gutters are winter-ready.

First and foremost, clear any obstructions from your gutters. Autumn leaves, twigs, and other debris can cause blockages, impeding the free flow of rainwater or melting snow. A blocked gutter in the winter can lead to water freezing within it, causing potential cracks and damage.

Next, consider installing a gutter guard. These devices help to keep out larger debris, reducing the need for frequent cleanings. They’re particularly useful in the winter months when harsh weather conditions can make gutter maintenance more difficult.

Finally, it’s worth considering the installation of heat tape along your gutters and downpipes. This can be a game-changer in preventing ice dams from forming. By maintaining a slightly above freezing temperature, heat tapes can ensure water keeps flowing instead of freezing and causing damage.

At, we offer a range of guttering solutions and winter-proofing products designed to withstand the harsh British winter. Visit our website to explore our range and equip yourself for winter. Remember, timely upkeep could save you a significant amount in avoidable repairs. #WinterProofing #KenningsUK ❄️🏠🛠️

C16 vs C24 Timber: Understanding the Differences

When it comes to embarking on DIY construction projects, choosing the right type of timber is crucial. Among the various options available in the market, C16 and C24 timber are commonly used due to their strength and durability. However, there are significant differences between these two grades of timber that can greatly impact your project’s outcome. In this article, we will delve into the distinctions between C16 and C24 timber, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your specific needs and requirements.

What is C16 Timber?

C16 timber is a popular choice for construction projects that do not require high load-bearing capabilities. It is widely used for applications such as stud walls, non-structural framing, and internal joinery work. The grading system of C16 timber ensures its suitability for general-purpose use while still maintaining structural integrity.

Characteristics of C16 Timber

C16 timber possesses several noteworthy characteristics:

1. Strength: While not as strong as its counterpart, C24 timber, C16 timber still provides sufficient strength for many common construction applications.

2. Appearance: One aspect to consider with C16 timber is its visual qualities. It may contain more visible defects compared to higher-grade timbers like C24.

3. Cost-effective: If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality, then C16 timber fits the bill perfectly.

Introducing C24 Timber

C24 timber represents a premium grade of wood that offers enhanced structural capabilities and an overall superior product. This grade is typically used in projects where higher loads or greater spans are required, such as roof trusses or floor joists.

Key Features of C24 Timber

C24 timber boasts several key features that set it apart:

1. Strength and Durability: With a higher load-bearing capacity than its counterparts, C24 timber ensures structural stability and long-lasting performance.

2. Appearance: Compared to C16 timber, C24 timber generally has fewer visible defects and a more uniform appearance, making it an excellent choice for projects where aesthetics matter.

3. Versatility: From large-scale construction projects to intricate woodworking, C24 timber offers versatility in its application due to its strength and durability.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of C16 and C24 timber let’s explore their specific uses and limitations in more detail.

Applications of C16 Timber

C16 timber is commonly used in a wide range of DIY construction projects that do not require heavy load-bearing capabilities. Some common applications include:

1. Stud Walls: C16 timber is often used for creating stud walls within buildings, providing structural stability while separating spaces effectively.

2. Non-structural Framing: For non-load-bearing purposes like door frames or window casings, C16 timber is an ideal choice due to its cost-effectiveness and adequate strength.

3. Internal Joinery Work: From shelves to cabinets, C16 timber can be utilized for various internal joinery applications where high structural strength is not a primary concern.

While C16 timber offers sufficient strength for many DIY projects, it may not be suitable for applications that require heavy loads or long spans. This is where the superior qualities of C24 timber come into play.

Advantages of Choosing C24 Timber

C24 timber provides several advantages over lower-grade timbers when it comes to structural integrity and versatility:

1. Load-Bearing Capabilities: Due to its enhanced strength properties, C24 timber is well-suited for projects that require higher load-bearing capabilities such as floor joists or roof trusses.

2. Longevity: The superior durability of C24 timber ensures that your construction project will stand the test of time without compromising on safety or stability.

3. Aesthetic Appeal: With fewer visible defects and a more uniform appearance, C24 timber lends itself to projects where the visual aspect is of utmost importance, such as exposed beams or decorative elements.

It’s important to note that while C24 timber offers numerous advantages, it may come at a higher cost compared to lower-grade alternatives. However, the enhanced performance and longevity it provides often justify the investment.


In summary, both C16 and C24 timber have their unique strengths and applications in the realm of DIY construction. While C16 timber serves well for general-purpose use and non-structural framing, C24 timber takes center stage when it comes to load-bearing capabilities and visual appeal. By understanding the differences between these two grades of timber, you can make an informed decision based on your project’s specific requirements. Whether you prioritize cost-effectiveness or structural superiority, choosing the right grade of timber will undoubtedly contribute to the success of your DIY endeavors.

How to make your garden Hedgehog Friendly

It’s no secret hedgehogs are declining at a rapid rate, so it’s important now more than ever to make your garden an environment these creatures can thrive in. Hedgehogs are very good at running, climbing and swimming. They will go into hibernation in cold winter weather, only emerging when conditions are warmer.

Their nests may be large, usually made of mosses, grass, leaves and other garden debris. They can be found at the base of thick hedges, under thick bramble bushes, in garden sheds or in piles of rubbish. It’s time to do your bit and make a desirable home for our hedgehog friends!

Encouraging hedgehogs

If you want hedgehogs, make your garden accessible for them! Cutting a hole in your fence on either side allows wildlife to roam freely in your garden, this way they can wander from neighbour to neighbour or even make a home in your garden. You should also make sure they have lots of thick dense undergrowth and a variety of lengths of grass to hide and nest in. You can also make your garden a hot spot for the slugs, snails and bugs that hedgehogs like to munch on (if you don’t care about your plants!)

If you want to leave out food for hedgehogs, avoid milk and bread, as hedgehogs cannot digest them. Leave hedgehog food, complete cat biscuits or meaty cat or dog food.

Protecting hedgehogs

Building boxes, growing wildlife-friendly gardens and providing food go a long way towards helping hedgehog numbers, but there are other ways that we can help to protect these prickly mammals:

  • Avoid using chemicals like slug pellets. Instead, use beer or obstacles around the plants you’re trying to protect.
  • Use natural non-toxic preservatives, as hedgehogs often lick new smells and surfaces.
  • Always check bonfires, piles of leaves, grass cuttings, compost heaps and bags of rubbish before burning, mowing, forking or disposing of any of them.
  • If you have a pond, make sure you provide platforms and sloped routes out of the water. Hedgehogs like to drink from ponds and can sometimes fall in. Although they’re good swimmers, it can be dangerous not to have a quick exit. 
  • Keep an eye on curious dogs in the garden late at night. Neither dog nor hedgehog will come off well from an encounter with each other!
  • If you accidentally disturb an active hedgehog nest, carefully replace the material. The hedgehog will soon move the nest elsewhere. If there are young still in the nest, avoid touching them.
  • If you come across a hibernating adult, try not to wake it. If you do, leave some food and water nearby until it hibernates again. 

Build a hedgehog home

An alternative way to give hedgehogs a home in your garden is with a hedgehog home. If you want to build your hedgehog house from scratch, make sure you have the right amount of timber and follow this handy guide from the RSPB!

Once you’ve got your box and you’re ready to find a place for it in your garden, here are a few things to think about:

  • Place the box out of direct sunlight, with the entrance facing away from prevailing winds.
  • Put it in cover, under thick vegetation for example, or under the garden shed. 
  • If you know where a hedgehog has built its own nest in the past, consider putting your new one there, or in a similar environment.
  • Resist the temptation to keep removing the lid to check if the box is being used. It’s always best not to disturb any potential hedgehog residents. 

It may take a year for a hedgehog to take up home in your box, or it may not happen at all. This is nothing to worry about, as it could mean that they’ve found suitable natural nesting sites in your or the surrounding gardens.

Looking for hedgehog box supplies?

We also offer plenty of support and expert advice for most projects. Just pick up the phone or visit any of our 3 sites located in Goole & Gilberdyke.

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Which decking is perfect for you?

Decking is an easy way to transform your garden and make it more unique. With so many different kinds of decking on the market, it can be difficult to know which is right for your garden. Every home needs something different and here at Kennings, we are here to help with a comprehensive guide. Whether your garden is small or just needs a facelift, there is a decking type for you!

Softwood decking

Softwood Decking Boards are extremely easy to work, with making them the obvious choice for those wanting to create a deck that friends and family can enjoy for years to come. If you love to customise your garden, softwood can be stained or treated with our wide range of specialist products to make your decking as unique as you are. Softwood is perfect for all gardens, particularly in seating areas alongside pergolas thanks to their matching shades.

You can shop our wide range of softwood decking kits and individual boards on our website today!

Hardwood decking

Balau Hardwood decking has natural anti-slip qualities as well as a built-in resistance to fungus and decay. Balau hardwood decking kits are a sound investment for any garden, thanks to their resistance and durability in all weather conditions. Whilst it does require yearly maintenance with a good clean and occasional treatment, hardwood decking is extremely resilient and not demanding. This means it’s perfect for families and areas with lots of foot traffic.

You can shop our range of hardwood decking kits and individual boards on our website today!

Composite decking

Solid composite decking kits are a fantastic way to inject new life into your garden. The boards are low maintenance, anti-slip, and perfect for families. While wood is a popular choice for decking, it doesn’t last forever. Composites can be more durable, have a wide range of colours available, and require much less maintenance. Whilst natural wood requires periodic staining, painting, and replacing sections that have begun to decay, composite decking only requires a yearly deep clean!

You can shop our range of composite decking kits and individual boards on our website today!

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We also offer plenty of support and expert advice for most projects. Just pick up the phone or visit any of our 3 sites located in Goole & Gilberdyke.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane for Kennings

Here at Kennings, we’ve been around for quite a while, and if you have lived around the Goole area, there is no doubt you will have received one of our many amazing promotion leaflets. We have been digging through the archives and we’ve found some fantastic old leaflets guaranteed to give you some nostalgia and make you wonder why you didn’t stock up on fence panels in 2002…

Fence panel launch

When we launched our first kind of European Style panels, they were all the rage. They’re still as popular today, but the prices are a little different! Who remembers when you could get a 6’x6′ panel for only £39.75 (INC VAT)? It would cost more than that in timber in 2022! Nowadays our 1.8m x 1.8m Elite St Lunair Panels are still a bargain at only £99.29 each (INC VAT). Our panels are made from specially selected FSC timbers and manufactured to a very high standard, planed and pressure treated with a pale green finish that allows the beauty of the wood to show through, not just screwed and treated! Our selection of fence panels has grown exponentially over the past 35 years, we now offer a wide range of panels to suit any need or budget with our cheapest panel being only £20.89 each (INC VAT) – even cheaper than on our retro leaflet!

Ordering hotline 01405 720127

Wheelbarrow Nostalgia

Speaking of bargains, take a look at this poster for our wheelbarrows, only £20 (+VAT) You can still get an amazing deal on our wheelbarrows down at our Hook Road yard, but don’t bring this leaflet, the price won’t be honored, unfortunately! We have also continued stocking work boots at a substantially reduced price, our fantastic team can vouch for that! But luckily, we have hired a fantastic graphic designer – so our posters no longer look like the below…

Us here at Kennings are happy to let you know, that our posters are much more pleasing to the eye in 2022.

2002 Prices anyone?

While our prices are unbeatable in 2022, they were eye-watering in 2002! Just look at those aggregates for only £3.88 (+VAT), if only we had a time machine like Nigel the Martian. While we would love to still offer the crazy 2002 prices, we still have the same core principles, supplying the customer what they want, delivered on time, at unbeatable prices! Nostalgia aside, we pride ourselves on these core principles and our excellent team of staff is excited to prove that we have what it takes to make your garden dream, a reality. Whether you like to shop online from the comfort of your own home, or would prefer to come to see us in person at any of our sites.

Definitely out of this world prices!

Has all the nostalgia left you inspired? Shop Building Supplies today!

We also offer plenty of support and expert advice for most projects. Just pick up the phone or visit any of our 3 sites located in Goole & Gilberdyke.

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Jobs in the Goole area

Updated 16/02/2023

3.5t Driver – Distance

EDecks are recruiting for a 3.5t delivery driver, to carry out multi-drop deliveries nationwide.

Your working week will be Monday to Saturday with nights out – Paid at £27.50 per night out plus a hotel for the night.

This role will include;

  • Manual labour
  • Handballing goods such as timber & fencing
  • Speaking with customers upon delivery
  • Liaising with transport team

Good geographical knowledge is advantageous & delivery driving experience essential.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £11.00 per hour


  • 8 hour shift


  • Driving: 1 year (preferred)

Work Location: On the road

Apply on Indeed here

Yard Assistant

Kennings Building Supplies are looking for Packers to work in their busy Gilberdyke depot. The ideal candidate would have knowledge within timber or building trade.

Full training will be given. Good numeracy skills essential

Fork lift license is not essential but would be an advantage. Must have own method of transport.

Main Responsibilities:

*Moving timber and products around the yard

*Picking & packing of timber & building materials

*Assisting customers (loading goods into their vehicles safely)

*Assisting the Yard Manager in day to day duties

*Ensuring the yard is kept clean, tidy & safe at all times.

Hours of work are 40hr per week plus overtime (between Mon-Sat)

Overtime shall be paid at £15.50 an hour

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: £10.50 per hour


  • 8 hour shift

Supplemental pay types:

  • Bonus scheme

Ability to commute/relocate:

  • Goole, DN14 7XL: reliably commute or plan to relocate before starting work (required)


  • Warehouse experience: 1 year (preferred)

Work Location: One location

Apply on Indeed here


Rock Fitness are looking for a Cleaner to work within their busy gym

The role is 4 hours per week; This is to be negotiated with the successful candidate as to when the 4 hours are worked.

As the cleaner, you will be responsible for creating a safe and welcoming environment through exceptional hygiene, Gym Equipment and toilet blocks.

The job will include:

· Sweeping, vacuuming and mopping of floors across site

· Cleaning & sanitizing bathroom thoroughly

· Assisting with general housekeeping within the gym

· Routine sanitising deep cleans

The right candidate will have some experience, be versatile a good fitness level and attention to detail.

No agencies or commercial cleaning agents. Thank you

Job Type: Permanent


  • Weekend availability

Apply on Indeed here

Make your home unique with cedar shingles

Looking to make your home stand out in the crowd? Cedar shingles may be the answer for you! They’re environmentally conscious, look fantastic and offer waterproof protection from all elements for up to 20 years. These fantastic shingles age beautifully, they will adopt a pleasant silvery grey shade over time so your home can keep looking amazing for years to come! Take a look at our blog for some great applications in your home.

Wall cladding cedar shingles

Cedar shingles make for great cladding thanks to their durability. They’re good at insulating thanks to their waterproof features and with such a long warranty they’re a wise investment and since they require little to no maintenance they’re an easy way to make your house stand out without a second thought! And, as a bonus, they come already treated against rot and decay so you only need to attach them. If you want your home to look rustic and bold, these shingles are for you!

Aged cedar shingles turn a beautiful grey.
Credit: Remodelista on Pinterest

Cedar shingle outdoor playhouse

It can be difficult to find a playhouse to match your garden’s aesthetic, many children’s garden play areas are made from bright coloured plastics which can be an eyesore. If you want your playhouse to last, these shingles will provide you with a durable guarantee to last through playtime for years to come. Take a look at this amazing creation from @callyprojects on Instagram, you can even find the fitting and building instructions on @instructables!

Cedar shingle roofing

Cedar shingles are a fantastic roofing solution. You get a perfect waterproof solution whilst incorporating the good looking element of the shingles. The wood is naturally insect and rot-resistant so it requires little to no maintenance. This element is ideal for a roof because a lot of upkeep may mean leaking and it can be difficult to maintain roofing without hiring a professional. As long as you have roofing underneath these shingles your roof will be secure and they won’t need to be replaced for many years.

Credit: @withbearhandsuk on Instagram

Find these cedar shingles and more at Kenning’s Building Supplies

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Easy ideas to help transform your garden

If you’re looking to transform your garden this new year it can be difficult to know where to start. Here at Kenning’s, we carry a wide range of products that are easy to build and look wonderful any time of the year – so why not get ahead of the summer rush and have your garden ready for the first warm days of the year?

Landscape your garden with aggregates

Using aggregates in your garden is a great way to make an area zen and it’s incredibly simple to lay them! Who doesn’t want an amazing transformation that only takes a few hours? Here at Kenning’s, we have a wide range of aggregates everything you need to lay them. If you don’t like gardening or just want a low maintenance garden that looks good all year round, this easy DIY might be the one for you.

Lay artificial grass

Are you excited for the summer but worried about maintaining the grass? Artificial grass is the answer to your problems. It works perfectly with children and animals and is a great alternative to real grass without the hassle of maintenance and mess that can be produced in wet weather conditions. You can shop our wide range on our website and even get a bouncy underlay for that real grass feel!

Create a secluded seating area

Pergolas and decking work together perfectly to create a separate seating area in gardens. We sell a wide variety of different decking and pergolas so you can find your perfect match, we even give you fitting instructions so the hassle is taken out of the DIY! These simple structures are very effective and give an element of separation in gardens, which is ideal for busy homes with children or animals.

Replace your garden fencing

Fencing is the first thing you see in a garden, so it has to look great. We recently launched some brand new contemporary fencing so you have even more choice. Replacing fencing doesn’t have to be costworthy, we have plenty of budget panels to suit your needs. And, if you feel like your fencing could benefit from a simple repaint to bring it back to life, you can shop our range of fence stains here!

Find these products and more at Kenning’s Building Supplies

We also offer plenty of support and expert advice for most projects. Just pick up the phone or visit any of our 3 sites located in Goole & Gilberdyke.

At Kenning’s, you can not only expect a good deal but also:

Superfast FREE local delivery on most orders *

Handy FREE installation guides (and even instructional videos!)

Incredible prices on composite decking (and frequent big discounts!)

*Free delivery applies to most of the East Riding, but some areas may incur a charge. Minimum charge applies, contact us for more details.

**Prices all correct at time of writing