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Composite Fencing
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Composite Fence Panels

Composite Fence Pannels

Composite fencing is different to regular wooden fencing, our in house composite fencing is a unique blend of 75% recycled materials. Unlike regular fencing, composite fencing does not require treatment or painting and is overall very low maintenance. As this fencing is made up of recycled plastic materials it does not require any additional treatment to become waterproof.

Composite Fence Posts

Similar to Composite fencing, our own in house composite fence posts are made up of 75% recycled materials and require very low maintenance or upkeep to keep them looking brand new.

While we would not recommend painting compose fencing, our range of composite fencing products come in varicose colours so you can be sure you can find the ideal composite fencing product to suit your gardening needs.

Still On The Fence?

If you’re struggling to choose the right kind of fence panel for your project, Kennings offers free advice and it’s easy to get in touch – call us on 01405 720127 or email us directly here.

Our super-fast delivery is available to all of Yorkshire; so you don’t have to worry about any extra travel costs or heavy lifting – we’ll deliver your fence panels direct to your door.